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Do you enjoy being heard and listened to? I love people and learning about them. Building and maintaining good relationships is the essence™️ of life. I carry this and translate it to my work ethic.  A mutual, personal OR work relationship starts at the beginning with honesty and care. With Liquid Essence, you’ll always have someone in your yard who actually really wishes the best for you. As a bonus, you’ll always be talking directly to the owner. This allows me to fully understand you and find solutions. All while allowing you to feel confident that your message connected effectively.


Weekly Pool Service

Starting at $95/Month
Pool service includes weekly
- Netting
- Brushing
- Chemical balance check
- Chemical adjustment
- All baskets emptied
- Equipment inspection
- Vacuuming as needed

Pricing may vary on pool size and yard conditions. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to look at your pool and provide a bid.

Sign up in the month of June and July and get a free filter cleaning after your first month of service


Price Varies Per Repair
Pool equipment is expensive and you want someone that takes their time and does the job right.
Whether you have issues with your pump. have leaks, are having issues with your salt cell, or just need a new system, installed. We're here to help.

Green to Clean

Starting at $160
We have years of experience bringing green pools back to life. We will look at your pool and tell you exactly what is needed to bring that blue that you love back to the desert. It could be as simple as getting your chemistry back in order, finding a solution to maintain proper balance, and get you on your way. In more dire situations, water may need to be replaced entirely and start fresh.

Acid Washes

If a pool is beyond saving and has developed nasty stains. Draining and acid washing the pool may be the only resort to bringing it back to life. We have washed hundreds and hundreds of pools and will care for yours as if it was our own.


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