Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the service agreement legally binding?
A: Not at all, we send a service agreement to give our clients a brief idea of what we’ll be doing week to week and to clearly communicate expectations. A signature is simply an indication for us to know that it has been fully read and agreed to prior to starting service. 
Q: When do you guys bill?
A: We bill at the beginning of each month of service. Please pay between the 1st and 7th of the month to avoid any late fees. Your payment at the beginning of the month covers you for that month of service. Example: If paying on January 1st. You are paying for service for that month. Therefore, the next payment would be on February 1st for the month of February. Any repairs or filter cleanings are billed separately from service at the time of completion.
Q: How long does my pump need to run?
A: Unfortunately, that’s difficult to say without knowing the flow rate and size of the pool. Once we get an idea of how much water your pump is moving, we adjust accordingly. We aim to accomplish at least 3-4 turnovers per day to achieve maximum filtration of bacteria and pollutants. 
Q: How often should my filter be cleaned?

A: We recommend having your filters cleaned every 6 months at minimum. More depending on how rough the winds and the weather get throughout the year.

Q: Are you guys able to come in an emergency? 
A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves in being able to adapt and provide great customer service. If you reach out, we’ll try our hardest to help you out in an emergency. We may have to charge for extra trips outside of regular service.